The television box was pressed by layers of radio and television, and under various pressures, it was still prosperous. From the perspective of the number of people concerned recently, it was still a healthy upward trend. It can be seen that the style of TV boxes is basically unstoppable. , let you lie on the sofa to watch the temptation of Youku is undoubtedly a huge landlord to say that pay attention to buy a TV box, and must adhere to the principle

1. Do not buy a small box

We all understand that the small box, hardware is poor, after-sales protection, maybe someday closed down, so be cautious before buying

2. Do not go to the physical store to buy a box

The landlord has seen countless people go to the physical store to buy back regret, one is expensive, and the second, buy back the basic are some cottage goods

3. Users with smart TVs generally do not need to buy a box anymore

The general user demand is nothing more than watching movies and watching TV, so the general smart TV configuration can meet your requirements, so you only need to find the software installation method of your home smart TV, you can achieve the purpose of watching Youku, love bizarre, it is No, it takes a lot of money to buy a box

4. Will Radio and TV block the box completely?

The landlord can tell you that it will not be, because youku, iQiyi, Tencent, they have all gone out of the official version, these are allowed by the radio and television, and there is basically no difference between the resources inside and the site, these software is already The major TV box stores are online

The millet box, the Tmall box, all of which are allowed, only those pirated movies, illegal overseas stations, adult stations, where will be banned, not to mention the box

5. If you buy a box, if you only watch movies, the price should not exceed 300 pieces. Over and over, there are a few recommended boxes, millet enhancements, millet boxes, Huawei, and Tmall. Although these boxes are not much of a gimmick, they are not enough, if you seek stability, do not toss. It's already very good

6. Here's a mention of Infik, which is also used by the landlord's home. However, although the configuration of the box is high, the hardware is easily broken. In the summer, it often restarts automatically. However, it will be used for practical purposes. Here is your choice. After all, it's really cheap

7. The super-enhanced version of the Tmall shop is actually to help you install a few software to cheat Xiaobai's

8. You can't watch the live broadcast by buying the box, so you need to install the software yourself. The software can be collected online.

9 box installation software is nothing more than u disk, millet small box does not u disk socket, so trouble points, you can Baidu tutorial

10. If you are a local tyrant to buy a smart TV, the landlord recommends music as cool open, millet. No other considerations

11. Some people don't understand what a box is. Actually, a box is an Android phone that uses a TV as a screen.

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