In 2016, smart TV has become our first choice for buying TV. Not only to keep up with the times, but more importantly, those features of smart TVs can indeed bring a lot of fun to people's lives. So what kind of smart TV is suitable for us? Below, according to the different needs of consumers, the author will talk about the features of smart TV now. I hope you can help you choose the most satisfying one.

Choose a powerful film viewing platform

For those who like watching movies and watching American dramas, they must choose smart TVs with strong content and strong lineups. Many smart TVs now have their own viewing platforms, and they have a large number of movies and television banners, claiming to constantly update video resources. But some resources do not have many televisions. For example, if you want to watch the mango station program, you must purchase a smart TV that works with Mango TV. Other TVs do not. Plus, smart TV APP U disk installation is now banned, so be careful when choosing a TV.

Choose a rich gaming entertainment platform

For children at home, learning to play big-screen video games is also a good choice. If it is a TV that supports somatosensory games, it would be better. The whole family can enjoy playing in front of the TV. At present, smart TVs have built-in game platforms, which can be downloaded in the smart TV game platform, ranging from small games to large-scale games. Although there is no external PS4 play cool, single as a casual way is very good.

Choose convenient intelligent control function voice control virtual touch air mouse remote control

Said the remote control, many of my friends will Tucao, and many TV remote control buttons too cumbersome to use extremely bad. If you want to enter text on television, it is a nightmare. A letter needs to be pressed more than a dozen times, and five or six letters have been exhausted. Then you must choose a remote control with Bluetooth voice remote control, only need to speak to the remote control TV can be identified. There are also remote controls that can be manipulated like mice and are more convenient to use.

Choose a powerful sports event platform

At present, domestic sports events are better on LeTV, PPTV, and Hisense TV. For example, LeTV bought out the entire network for the next few years. It is simply cruel and you want to watch Super League and LeTV. Television is almost a must. PPTV cooperation with Liverpool and other clubs, the contents of the Hisense European Cup are very much to the force. Other TVs also have their own exclusive game resources. To see what races you want to watch, you must first see who owns them!

Withstand high voltage up to 750V (IEC/EN standard)

UL 94V-2 or UL 94V-0 flame retardant housing

Anti-falling screws

Optional wire protection

1~12 poles, dividable as requested

Maximum wiring capacity of 4 mm2

T12 Series Terminal Blocks

Feed Through Terminal Block,T12 Series Terminal Blocks,Terminal Strips Connector,Cable Connectors Block

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