Search for keywords such as "visual tracking", "wall barrier", and "image transmission" on Baidu or Google, and you can find a lot of different brands of drones, which means that these functions have become various drones. The standard of the manufacturer, as the focus of the field of competitiveness has been weakened too much, and the search for "waterproof drones", there are only a handful of results, indicating that this field has not been valued by many drone manufacturers.

In the search results, we found that the most popular one is a waterproof drone called "Splash drone". This drone has been well received by water lovers in the past two years, and recently, "Splash drone "The manufacturer of Swift Technology announced that it will return to China with this product, to "allow Chinese water lovers to better record the beautiful moments."

Why is this waterproof drone so expensive, and where is the technical difficulty?

It is understood that "Splash drone" in addition to the waterproof function, other functions are not considered to be competitive technology on the market. Aside from waterproofing, the whole drone does not have many bright spots, but the price is higher than the same specification. There are a lot of people, it is said that the latest one may have to reach six or seven thousand.

“Waterproofing is our core competitiveness. This is our focus area and we try to do our best. The reason why it is expensive is that it takes a lot of effort and cost to make the drone waterproof.” Jiang Laoshi, one of the shareholders of Swift Technology, said to Lei (search for the "Lei Feng Network" public number).

In the impression of many people, it is impossible to say that there is any technical content for waterproofing an electronic object. At best, it is “installing a waterproof shell”. Lei Feng also asked a drone enthusiast, he said, to no one. It is very simple to waterproof the machine. DIY is a waterproof case that can be solved with water glue. However, this is not the case. The technicians of Swift Technology told Lei Feng that there are still many difficulties in making waterproof drones. It is not easy to break through.

First is the motor

The design of the waterproof drone motor is very sophisticated from the raw material selection of the motor to the post-processing. Because many drone enthusiasts in this field are also enthusiasts of water sports, they are mostly located at the seaside, so the motor motor not only needs to be waterproof, but also anti-corrosion.

“Ordinary materials are very corrosive to seawater. They are usually damaged after many times of contact with seawater, and “Splash drone” can be immersed in seawater and maintain good performance.”

They chose special materials to make the motor, and used a linear ESC specially designed for waterproof and brushless motor debugging. After the processing, the waterproof brushless motor can prevent fresh water and sea water from various details. corrosion.

"In foreign countries, there were players who tested it and put the drone upside down in the water. The drone can "fly" into the water. This also shows that the motor adjustment also takes a lot of effort. After all, it is normal in the water. It is no more than running in the air."


In order to make the drone float on the water when it falls, the material needs to be light, but the plastic and other materials are all easily deformable materials. It is more difficult to waterproof, and the deformation of the pinhole size can cause the body to enter the water. Therefore, the structure design of the drone needs to be very delicate. Sweep Technology told Lei Feng that "Splash drone" does not use the fully enclosed waterproof appearance of some friends, but uses a "榫卯" body structure, and the entire casing can be sealed as long as it is combined. There is no need for an internal "glue seal".

“While strengthening the strength of the fuselage, we must also control the weight and deformation caused by injection molding. Therefore, from design to mold development to raw material use, we must achieve the ultimate, so as to ensure the best waterproof sealing performance at each position. This also increases some costs."

Why is this waterproof drone so expensive, and where is the technical difficulty?

Lily drones that everyone is familiar with are also waterproof, but the difference is that Lily uses a completely closed way, which directly leads to the failure to change the battery to become its weakness, and "Splash drone" has a use on the body. The screw-on transparent plate can be freely removed without the aid of a tool, so that the problem of the backup battery can be solved.

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